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Survey on Divorce in the Muslim Community
Assalamu Alaikum!

This survey is being conducted by Sound Vision Foundation to understand the status of divorce in the Muslim community.

If you are a divorced or formerly divorced Muslim, the valueable feedback and information you share in this brief survey will be crucial to analyze the factors involving divorce in the Muslim community.

Also, please encourage your friends and family members who have experienced divorce to fill out this survey.


REMEMBER, THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IS CONFIDENTIAL. The data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. Your information will remain confidential.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

NOTE: If you have been married and divorced more than once, the following series of questions are refering to the last marriage relationship you had (unless specified otherwise).
1. How long have you been divorced for?
2. How long did your marriage last?
3. Are you currently:
4. How many times have you been divorced?
5. Who initiated the divorce? You or your spouse?
6. What were the top 3 reasons for the divorce (check any 3 that apply)?
7. If there was abuse that led to divorce was it (check each that applies):
8. a) Do you have children?
b) If yes, how many children did you have from this relationship?
c) Were there disputes over the custody of children?
d) Where are your children currently residing?
e) Do you have children from other marriages?
f) Do you currently pay / receive child support?
9. Did your family support or oppose your divorce?
10. What was your local Muslim community's reaction to your divorce?
11. Did you feel your local Muslim community gave you the support you needed while divorcing?
12. Did you seek help from the following to resolve the differences with your spouse before initiating divorce(check all that apply):
13. How was your divorce processed?
14. Are you better off today than you were in this marriage?
15. What three suggestions would you offer to the Muslim community leaders to help Muslim couples in crisis?
Please contact info@soundvision.com if you have any questions regarding this survey. Visit us at www.SoundVision.com for more information on Muslim lifestyle and self-help issues!